VIGILANT 365: On-Site, Remote, & Automated Support

Many people don’t understand how a Managed Services Provider works to support their customers. So instead of talking in technical terms, we wanted to share what it would be like from your perspective if you were a customer of True Owl.

VIGILANT 365: On-Site, Remote, & Automated Support

When you become a customer, we perform an onboarding process that gets you set up in our system so that we can support you. This involves installing software on your devices that talk back to our support center. We also set you up in our inbound calling system so that we know who you are when you call in as well as the support team assigned to your account. 

Support comes in three flavors…

Automated Support

There are automated systems we have in place to make sure your computers, servers and other devices have up-to-date software. For the technical people, this includes patches, remediation for malware, failed services, drive clean-up, drive optimization, virus definition updates, malware, and spyware scans, defrags as well as hardware and software auditing. Whew! 

Errors that occur during the maintenance window-such as failed patch installation or machines that are unavailable-will trigger a service ticket to be automatically created in True Owl’s ticket management system.

Remote Support

Once a ticket is created in our system, True Owl’s technical team will attempt to address the issue remotely. The majority of issues can be handled remotely. We complete thousands of tickets each month with an average close time of 15 minutes or less.

On-Site Support

When a ticket cannot be addressed remotely, your dedicated technician will escalate the issue to an on-site visit with one of our field technicians.

This three-tiered approach is effective in proactively keeping your systems up and running and allows your team to get the help they need as quickly as possible.

This story focuses specifically on support. Our customers have access to many additional services as part of our monthly programs. If you need reliable IT support powered by the wise technicians at True Owl, please give us a call!