VIGILANT 365: PC Monitoring, Maintenance & Patching

Maintaining control of your organization’s devices is essential to avoiding operational disruptions and protecting valuable data. This is why Vigilant 365 includes PC monitoring, maintenance, and patching.

At True Owl, we are able to support your existing devices with our Remote, Monitoring, and Management (RMM) system.

You are able to save time as we install, deploy, and update software across all endpoints. This includes the installation of critical updates for your operating systems.

Realtime Monitoring

True Owl will monitor all aspects of your infrastructure, including PCs, servers, routers, switches, and firewalls. The RMM system will monitor all devices that are vulnerable to critical errors. When an error is detected, a Service Ticket will automatically be created in True Owl’s ticket management system. The ticket will be addressed by a technician or True Owl’s automation server, which provides an automatic response to resolving critical issues.

You can have peace of mind knowing all endpoints are monitored and that any errors will be flagged and addressed immediately and automatically!

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