Why True Owl?

True Owl

True Owl began with one thought… how can we deliver technology services that large businesses expect to small businesses? Large businesses have the resources to hire a team of technology experts in a variety of areas. A small business can typically hire just one technician who has limited areas of expertise. Why hire a full-time expert when you will only need them a couple of hours a month?

Your Technology Team

When you work with True Owl, not only do you get the primary technician, but you also have access to the entire team of True Owl experts. We cover all areas of computer and server management, networking, Cyber Security and compliance. We have experts on staff that will keep your technology strategy on track and aligned with current industry best practices.

We offer technology continuity for security, asset management, documentation, and end user support.

Why do we put all this effort into supporting our clients? The answer is simple, we want to work with our clients for years. That’s the only way to become a truly trusted advisor.