Vigilant 365

Managed Services Plan


Vigilant 365 delivers a comprehensive and robust suite of services to support and secure IT environments while providing productivity and peace of mind.

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Vigilant 365

Managed Services Plan


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Vigilant 365 delivers a comprehensive and robust suite of services to support and secure IT environments while providing productivity and peace of mind.

*price may vary based on actual needs

PC Monitoring, Maintenance & Patching

Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)

Dark Web Monitoring & Cybersecurity Training

Secure User Password Management Platform

On-site, Remote & Automated Support

Monthly Reporting

Virtual CIO

Vigilant 365: Managed Services Plan

PC support using True Owl’s Remote, Monitoring and Management (RMM) system will be provided. This includes the installation of critical updates for Windows Operating Systems, Apple Operating Systems, and Microsoft Office. True Owl’s RMM system will monitor all PCs (laptops/desktops/Macs) that are accessible for critical errors. Critical errors will automatically create a Service Ticket in True Owl’s ticket management system and will be addressed by a technician or True Owl’s automation server, which provides automatic response to resolve critical issues.

Identify and Assess Vulnerabilities

True Owl’s endpoint security proactively reduces threats by continuously assessing vulnerability risks. This includes rating the security risk of applications, identifying vulnerabilities, identifying rogue devices and taking proactive risk mitigating actions.
Prevent attacks with Next Generation Antivirus Engine (NGAV) True Owl uses a machine learning antivirus engine to block malware before they can execute. The kernel based NGAV is continuously updated to identify new malware.

Detect and Defuse Attacks in Real-Time

If an endpoint is compromised, True Owl’s service will detect and stop the attack in real-time. True Owl’s endpoint security protects data by stopping malware (including file-less malware) and other advanced attacks in real-time. As soon as suspicious process flows and behaviors are detected, True Owl’s endpoint protection immediately stops the potential threats by blocking outbound communications and access to the file system from those processes. These actions prevent data from being taken (data exfiltration), command and control (C&C) communications, file tampering, and ransomware encryption.

Respond and Repair

True Owl’s security operations center will utilize a wide variety of remediation tactics following an attack. These tactics include automated termination of malicious processes, removal of files, isolation of applications, and roll back of malicious changes

True Owl includes Dark Web Monitoring. The dark web monitoring platform combines intelligence with search capabilities to identify, analyze and proactively monitor for an organization’s compromised or stolen employee and customer data.
True Owl includes and recommends all computer users to participate in regular security awareness training. The Cybersecurity training program provides simulated phishing attacks and security awareness training campaigns, making your employees the best defense against cybercrime.

Secure passwords with a next-generation password management engine. Password folders help organize your passwords. Top security features include granular access control, version management and detailed activity logs all with ultra-secure, SOC 2-compliant platform.
True Owl will provide maintenance and support for existing hardware and software; this may include installed 3rd party software and line of business applications. True Owl will make a best effort to resolve as many issues as possible remotely and will come on-site in the event remote resolution is not possible. Automated support includes installation of patches, remediation for malware, failed services, drive clean-up (temp and unnecessary files), drive optimization, virus, malware, and spyware scans, defrags as well as hardware and software auditing. Errors that occur during the maintenance window-such as failed patch installation or machines that are unavailable-will trigger a service ticket to be automatically created in True Owl’s ticket management system. Projects or Enhancements outside the scope of the above to maintain the existing network are billed separately, including, but not limited to, setting up additional offices or system changes expanding beyond what is currently in use in the network. Projects outside the scope of the covered support will be discussed prior to incurring charges and will be billed at True Owl’s hourly rate for service.
True Owl will provide clients with monthly reporting. The report will detail resolved tickets, patching, antivirus performance, service availability and network reliability.
True Owl provides periodic meetings with clients to review ongoing issues, go over upcoming project work, discuss changes in vendors, advise on best practices, create budgets, and plan the technology roadmap for the next period. This will help clients stay aligned with current technology trends and standards.