What are we thankful for this year? Graphus Advanced Email Protection

As we are approaching the Thanksgiving season, our team at True Owl has been reflecting on what we’re thankful for. Normally, we would say friends, family, health and the other typical things that come to mind. And yes, we are grateful for all those things, as well as our clients and our staff. But we are also thankful for Graphus…

What are we thankful for this year? Graphus Advanced Email Protection

Phishing scams remain one of the most successful types of cyberattacks today. In fact, Over 90 percent of malware is delivered via email. And that is why Graphus is so important. The interesting thing? Our clients probably don’t even know how thankful they should be to have Graphus protecting their email systems.

At True Owl, we understand the critical need for email security. Our advanced email solution protects every user. It is much more than a traditional spam scoring system. (Traditional systems look at the title, content and attachments and assign a score on how “spammy” the email is.) Graphus is different. 

Graphus Advanced Email Protection

Graphus meticulously scrutinizes every incoming email for suspicious content and behavior. This is a more sophisticated level of protection that integrates advanced spam filters with the capabilities of artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

By identifying and neutralizing potential risks, we make sure that hackers are thwarted in their attempts to steal or mine sensitive data. Best of all, our email security is included with our Vigilant 365 package

And like we said at the beginning, we are so thankful for our clients and their trust. Which is why we’re thankful for the peace of mind that comes from having these powerful solutions to protect them!

Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at True Owl.